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centrex single line

A voip phone line with Dect handset
and unlimited UK landline & mobile calls plus support from our UK based team.

Why IDNet?


Transferring your phone service to IDNet takes just approximately 10 working days, involves no loss of service and you’ll conveniently keep the same number.


Good-value call charges thanks to per-second billing, low mobile & international rates and one of the lowest call setup charges around.


Enhanced & Critical care options ensure that your phone line is promptly fixed in event of a fault occuring.


UK-based expert 24/7 support.


The UK’s First B Corp ISP.


MI5-audited network.

It's all in the details

Rental & Connection
Transfers are done on a like for like basis & features can be added/changed on request once line has transferred. New lines will have features added on request.
Non included PSTN line features (excluding answering services) cost £2.50 per month.
Some combinations of line features (Call Barring & any Call Diversion services) are incompatible and can't be ordered together. Bypass number must be associated with either Smart Divert, Call Diversion or Call Barring.
New line installation and migration from Virgin Media will require an engineer visit, if the engineer is unable to gain access to the premises at the agreed time a £85.00 missed appointment fee will be passed on.
New installations will be done over existing spare pairs where available and in some cases may use existing sockets. Should no spare pairs be available a longer lead time may be necessary and in exceptional circumstances additional charges may apply - we will contact you in such cases before progressing the order.
Where a new socket is required Openreach state that 'the NTP will be installed at the end point of the network cable located either at: - the point at which the network cable arrives on the exterior of the Premises but no higher than 1.5 m above ground level; or - the first reasonably available point on the network cable up to a maximum duration of: (i) for WLR3 Basic PSTN one hour’s work (ii) for WLR3 Premium PSTN two hour’s work from the time the Openreach engineer commences work on arrival at the Premises provided that work will only be undertaken to the extent necessary for engineering or safety reasons. Work undertaken beyond the defined maximum duration will be charged in accordance with Openreach Time Related Charges (TRCs).'
Call diversions and 3 way calling will incur per second call charges at your call package rate
Lead time for orders is 10 working days. Faster provision may be possible subject to an additional expedite fee of £145.00

Call Packages
Call packages are on 1 month contract and can be altered as required.
Fair usage policy: no bulk calling (telesales), no automated dialers (i.e. anything that automatically makes a phone call or dialup data connection). Inclusive Mobile & International Calls limited to a total of 1200 minutes (20 hours) per month after which normal call charges will apply. SMS messages limited to 100 per month after which number SMS charges will apply.
Unlimited UK calls also apply for calls to Channel Islands, Isle Of Man and calls between Northern Ireland and Republic Of Ireland (calls between UK Mainland and Republic Of Ireland will be charged at the relevant international rate).
Calls over 1 hour will have the duration over 1 hour charged at our standard call rate (1.00p per minute UK landline, 5.00p per minute UK mobile) .
Other Calls
A call setup fee of 12.50p applies to all non inclusive calls (except numbers starting 084,087,09 & 118 where a Special Services Access Charge of 12.50p per minute will apply instead.)
All calls are calculated on a per second basis (except numbers starting 084,087,09 & 118 which will be charged per minute) and rounded up to nearest penny.
Mobile rate applies to any call starting 07

Care Levels
Quoted timescales take affect from when end user fault diagnostics have been completed and the fault is determined to be within the Openreach network.
Committed clear times are subject to you agreeing a suitable appointment for an engineer (if required) to visit.
If the engineer is unable to gain access to the premises at the agreed time a £85.00 missed appointment fee will be passed on.
The stated fix times will not apply if Openreach issue a 'Major Service Outage' or 'Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control' (i.e. extreme weather, flooding, local incidents...) notification which is applicable to your exchange or dial code.
Contract & Cancellation
A standard contract term of 1 month applies to PSTN phone lines.
All new orders and changes to existing services must be placed via our website or in writing (e-mail or post)
Cancellations must be placed in writing (e-mail or post) and are subject to a 30 day notice period.