Fibre Not Available In Your Area?

Don’t put up with inferior internet speeds any longer.

If your business is located on the outskirts of town or in a village location, you’ll know that BT’s Openreach fibre roll-out has been slow or non-existent.

Similarly, business parks and industrial estates are often way down the priority list due to their low population density. It’s unfortunate, but simply the result of mass-economics.

But what if we were to change the rules?

With as few as 6 (that’s six!) interested organisations in any given location, IDNet will initiate a site survey with a view to bringing high speed internet into your business community.

The difference is we’ll do it wirelessly!

Service Highlights

Wireless signal beamed to your business with speeds up to 1Gbps (location dependant)

Optional automatic failover to secondary circuits (e.g. ADSL, FTTC, 3G, leased line)

Synchronous service (site location and distance dependant)

Rapid 24/7 support from UK based team

EtherWiFi mast will be installed close to your location

Fully managed service with router provided

Prices start from £80.00 per month (ex. vat) plus transceiver installation

Get in touch

To explore the potential of etherWIFI, call Steve Waters on 0800 331 7000 or email

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