Our Service during COVID-19 - July 2021 Update

At IDNet, nothing is more important to us than our family and community, even more so in times of unprecedented challenge such as the world is currently facing. It is with this continued approach that we take this opportunity to assure you that we are here for you!

Acting responsibly to protect the health of our team, we implemented remote working in March 2020 with great success and continue to provide the support you all know and love.

Keeping our network under-subscribed ensures that in times such as these, we can continue to provide you with the fast, reliable service you are accustomed to.

Are orders affected?

Orders are still being accepted and processed. For all orders Standard minimum lead times still apply but may be slightly delayed depending on engineer availability where applicable.

What should I expect on the day?

Openreach engineers are employing a safe practice process following the Covid-19 guidelines.

On the day of your installation Openreach will ask you the following questions:-

  • Have you or anyone else living here been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have been asked to self-isolate?
  • Do you or anyone else here have flu-like symptoms?
  • Have you or anyone else living here received an NHS letter confirming you’re classified as an extremely vulnerable person?

If you respond 'yes' to any of these questions, the engineer will not enter the property. Instead, they will call their helpdesk in order to assess how to proceed.

If you respond 'no' to all three questions and the engineer is unable to complete the task externally, they can proceed to carry out a managed installation within the premises. For everyone’s safety, Openreach engineers are operating a clear room policy and they will ask the end customer to stay in a different room, maintain social distancing, open the windows if possible and follow the usual hygiene procedures.

An Openreach short video explaining what to expect can be seen here: https://www.openreach.com/coronavirus-engineers-working-safely-to-keep-you-connected

Our Service during COVID-19 - July 2021 Update

Further Updates

We will of course keep our customers updated with any changes to processes via our page here: idnet.com/covid-19.php

Contacting IDNet

As ever, we remain available at support@idnet.com and 0800 331 7000 should you need us.

We will continue to post updates and content on our website and social media channels and will be available as standard if you want to get in touch:

Sales, Provisions, General queries – 0800hrs-1700hrs working week days at support@idnet.com and 0800 331 7000

Technical Support – 24/7, 365 on 0800 331 7000 or email during business hours support@idnet.com

It’s important at this time, that the IDNet family stays strong and positive which we can do more effectively if we stay connected.

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