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Choose to Refuse

Choose to Refuse enables you to choose who gets through helping you put a stop to nuisance or unwanted calls. You can block up to 10 numbers.

Instructions for use

To bar the last call you answered:

  • Dial 14258.
  • Press * twice to confirm barring of last number.

To bar other numbers at any time:

  • Dial 14258.
  • Enter PIN.
  • Choose to Refuse asks you to select one of the following:

    Make sure you include the area STD code before UK numbers, press '*' at the end of the number to tell Choose To Refuse that it is the end of the number.

  • Review the barred number list

    You can check your list at any time. Choose To Refuse will tell you the number and the date that it was barred. Also choose this option if you want to delete a number from your list.

  • Change the PIN number

    Some obvious PINs such as 5678 and 2222, or PINs that use numbers in obvious patterns on your dialing keypad such as 2580 are not allowed.

Available free on request with all our current line rental packages.