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Troubleshooting - Checklist

Before calling…

There are several possible faults that may affect service, generally these are either: Phone line faults, ADSL service faults, Internet faults, or equipment faults.

In cases where your hardware/operating system appears to be at fault we may need to direct you to the manufacturer for further assistance.

In the case of a phone line fault e.g. no dial tone, or noise/interference, after diagnosis with IDNet it may be deemed necessary for you to contact your telephony supplier to resolve the problem as the issue may be related to your telephone line itself rather than ADSL.

If, after exhausting all investigations possible, the fault seems to be with the ADSL line, we will arrange for BT to investigate the problem further. As BT may need to contact you directly, we will ask you to provide contact details for them to use, by default the current contact number listed on your account will be used.

BT have a 40 clock hour turnaround period for faults on standard care service, this is limited to Monday-Friday between 9am and 6pm only. Clock Hours mean when the fault is submitted to BT the clock starts, the clock then stops when the initial diagnostics have been completed and the case is passed back for retesting, if the case is awaiting engineer involvement the clock will be stopped until the engineer is on site or at the exchange.

Customers on Enhanced Care will receive 20 clock hour turnaround and 24/7 support from BT, this means that their diagnostics and repair team will work at all times to resolve the issue and weekend call outs are possible.

Enhanced care can be added to orders at an additional charge of £10 per month at any time but will not cover current open faults.