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PSTN Voicemail Services

Instructions For Use

Accessing from your phone:

After dialling 1571 you will be advised that you have x new messages and y saved messages.
In the main menu the End User will be able to press:

  • 1 to listen to messages
  • 2 for personnel options (Number of rings before answering, Record your personalised greeting message, Change PIN)
  • 4 for missed calls
  • 6 setup sms alerting

After reviewing any messages the End User will be able to press:
  • 0 to return the call
  • 1 to listen again
  • 2 to save or skip
  • 3 to delete a message

Accessing from another phone:

Dial your own phone number. On hearing the Call Minder greeting press * and when prompted enter your PIN number.

Setting up text alert feature

This feature allows you to receive a text message whenever a new message is left on your land line. You can then call in to your land line number to listen to the message using the linked mobile phone.
  • 1. From the home phone number, dial 1571
  • 2. To link your mobile number, press 6
  • 3. Enter the mobile number that you want to link to your messaging service, followed by #
  • 4. Press 1 - To link this mobile to your messaging service or, Press 2 to enter a different mobile number

Once finished, the you will receive a text message on your mobile telephone to confirm that the work is complete.
To change or unlink the customer mobile from the mailbox
  • 1. Follow steps 1 and 2 from above
  • 2. After pressing 6, you will be told 'The mobile number linked to this line is ?..'
  • 3. To change it, press 2, or to unlink this mobile from your mailbox, press 3 Again, a text message will be sent to your mobile to confirm that the work is complete.