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Latest Savings and Price Reductions for IDNet Customers

Latest Savings and Price Reductions for IDNet Customers

We are pleased to announce a raft of price cutting measures across a range of popular products.

Price reductions take effect from 01 May 2020. Reduction will apply automatically from next invoice.

1 Standard Line Rental

From the 1st of May we will automatically reduce standard line rental by £2 (excluding VAT). If you are an existing customer, this will happen automatically. You don’t need to do anything else.

If currently you do not bundle line rental with an IDNet broadband package, you may want to check the pricing of your current provider. With the price reductions announced today, it’s highly likely that moving your phone line to IDNet will save you money and allow us to support you better. Switching your line over to us doesn't require an engineer, so can be activated remotely within 10 working days even during the lockdown.

2 SuperFast Plus

One of our most popular packages is being reduced by almost 17%. The £60+vat rate will reduce to £50 + vat on the 1st of May. Again, this will happen automatically for existing customers.

SuperFast Plus is an excellent package for home workers and great for gamers as you get data traffic priority at busy times. Speeds are up to 80Mbps Downstream / 20Mbps Upstream.

With the latest price reduction, now is a great time to upgrade to this package if you are on one of our other standard packages.

If you are currently working from home, you’ll appreciate how critical telecom services are during the lockdown. SuperFast Plus offers enhanced care which means Openreach will quickly fix any network level faults, so this is another reason to think about upgrading. (Note: faults within your property are still temporarily subject to lock down restrictions.)

3 FTTP Ultrafast

At the top end of our broadband offering for customers with fibre to the premises (FTTP), we have massively reduced the cost of our FTTP Unlimited 330/50 product. This is reduced from £100.00+ vat  per month to just £54.50 + vat per month. A saving of £45.50 per month!

We have made the very best FTTP package you can get with IDNet within reach of small business and power users.

To see a complete overview of our price tariffs see our full pricelist chart